Building Custom Homes

At Lapos Construction, Inc. we specialize in building custom homes. A true custom builder is someone who will give specialized attention to the design and selection of products to be used in the home of your dreams. During this process we spend numerous hours with the client in the planning of the design, and the selection of products. This process, when done thoroughly, cannot be done in a day.

When looking at building a home we feel you, as the consumer, benefit by being made aware of the quality of product you are getting for your money. As part of this education there are many questions you must ask about what is actually going into the construction of your home.

We have seen in our business, that some homes are constructed within the minimum guidelines of city code. This practice does not mean you get a poorly built home, it only means that you may pay less now and more in years to come. Lapos Construction homes are well above minimum standards. The homes we build are constructed to last. The products we use are energy efficient for cost savings in energy bills. The construction materials we use are far superior to the standard – for a home that does not require costly repairs in the future.

Questions to consider when building a custom home

We are not a marketing company. When you have a question on the construction of your home, we can answer it now. Lapos Construction is a company experienced in building quality homes for 30 years. We work with the same subcontractors repeatedly, which allows us the same consistency of quality in every home. We take this quality very seriously. We don’t market like most companies, but stand on the reputation of our previously built homes. The service we give exceeds the expectations of our clients. It is this service and our quality-built homes that allows us to enjoy repeat customers and referrals to continue our business.